If you want a happy house, go to Hygge decoration

Do you know that comforting feeling that invades you when you wrap yourself in a soft blanket, while you lie on your couch to taste a steaming cup of chocolate? That feeling is what the Danes define as Hygge, a philosophy of life in which premium the happiness of simple things and that can be translated as the cozy. With Leroy Merlin you can transfer this concept to the decoration of your home, surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel good. Do you want to find out how?

Feel the heat of your home

To get a hygge home you need to have wood burning, It is one of the maxims of this Scandinavian philosophy. In Denmark, winter nights last 15 hours and temperatures range between -2º and 2º, so there is an obligation to have a heating medium. Fortunately our climate is warmer, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a sizzling log. Is there anything more relaxing and hypnotic than contemplating how it burns?

The simplest option is to choose a wood stove, which you can place in your living room or even in your bedroom if it is large enough. Decide for the style and color that are more in line with your home, so that it does not catch up, and let yourself be carried away by the pleasure of snuggling before a comforting fire.

Choose wood

Wood is the key material of this decoration. Almost all Scandinavian houses have hardwood floors, as they are more comfortable, but if your maximum is practicality do not hesitate to choose a ceramic wooden floor, more resistant to continued use but without losing the warm and cozy aspect of the wood.

Danish decoration is characterized by its simplicity, that's why it is necessary that the furniture is not recharged, but light and straight and simple lines. A large wooden table, which serves both to work and to eat or receive your guests, is the ideal complement to that floor that we mentioned before. You can easily do it with a wooden plank, so you can adjust the measure to the space you have and your needs.

You can combine different ceramic floors in the rooms of your house, it does not have to be all uniform. In this way each floor can be adapted to the decoration of each room. Natural wood in the living room, for example, and white or pale gray in your bedroom. You will get a wonderful unique touch.

Let the lights be warm

In the Nordic countries there are not many sunny days. The windows take full advantage, removing from them any ornament that obstructs the daylight, so curtains and sheer curtains are usually dispensed with. Light being such a scarce good, special attention is paid to artificial lighting.

If you want to achieve the hygge style, you should choose it in orange tones, which convey much more warm feeling than the bluish or white, cooler tones. Do not do without candles, on the contrary, fill your house with them, of different sizes and shapes, because they look good in any area of ​​your home and you will get an intimate and relaxing atmosphere unsurpassed.

Make your bedroom a cozy space

It is not necessary for you to be Nordic to know that a pleasant bedroom, with a large fluffy and warm bed, takes away stress and problems. The problems leave them outside your home, inside everything has to be nice and cozy, especially your bedroom as it is the basis of your rest. Choose warm textures, such as a fluffy blanket or duvet cover and stay away from metal or glass. In hygge decoration, the appearance does not only prevail, the senses are very important.

Step on fluffy carpets

Well-being is the basis of the hygge philosophy, that's why All the elements and materials chosen are intended to provide warmth: wooden furniture, fluffy carpets scattered throughout your home, spongy cushions, crochet or wool blankets, sofas and armchairs upholstered in leather, among others, are the ones that will be responsible for transmitting that pleasant feeling of pleasure. Place a carpet of long hair next to your bed, you will feel that pleasant sensation as soon as you wake up from a restful sleep, and in the rest of the house distribute carpets of soft materials and different sizes.

Pamper yourself

Enjoying the hygge is the simplest thing in the world, because this concept implies that you dedicate a daily time to do what makes you feel good. Not everything is to work and do the homework, you should spend a little time taking care of yourself, pamper yourself and relax without being aware of your obligations. Focus on the little things. At first it will cost you to get this disconnection, but you will get it little by little.

Your bathroom is the ideal place in your home to achieve it. Light some scented candles, fill your bathtub with hot water and add an essential oil, prepare a fluffy towel to dry afterwards and immerse yourself in a carefree bath. Relax and enjoy Isn't it extremely enjoyable?

Do you like literature? Do you love poetry? You can copy a fragment of your favorite work or poem by painting it directly on one of the walls of your home. If you do it at the entrance, Your favorite words will greet you every time you enter or leave your home, producing a pleasant sensation and, in passing, you will have found an original and different way to decorate the wall you choose.

Surround yourself with books

One of the best activities you can do at home is reading, the Danes love it and that is why they fill their house with books because it brings them happiness and tranquility. Turn off the TV and computer, go to your favorite corner, open a book and enjoy! You can assemble a practical and decorative bookcase With wooden slats to store all your volumes, if they are of different sizes do not forget to leave enough space between them so you can save them without problems.

Receive your friends and family

As a general rule, Danes are surprised at the hobby we have here for staying with friends outside our homes. In Denmark, these meetings take place in private homes, which have an open kitchen, large tables and a comfortable fireplace. The hygge philosophy encourages meeting with friends and family, around a table set with mino, decorated with fresh wild flowers, dim candlelight, a pleasant background melody and a good conversation.

Focus on your favorite corner

Hyggekrog is the term used by the Danes to refer to the preferred corner of their home, preferably next to a window that allows you to enjoy natural light, which you withdraw when you want to curl up with a good book, a blanket and a cup of tea. If you want to have your own hyggekrog, add to that corner a few cushions, a thick blanket and enjoy the moment. Concentrate, doing more than one thing at a time is not allowed.

It may be that when you get home it is late and you can no longer enjoy that exterior light that the Danes so much like, but you don't want to give up spend comfortable minutes in your favorite corner. In that case, look for a flirtatious floor lamp that provides you with a warm and sufficient light to practice your favorite hobby.

If you want a happy house and you will go to Hygge decoration, you know that on the website of Leroy Merlin you will find everything you need to get it.

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