The best of the year: The best minicasas and folding houses of 2017

The news concerning small houses, minicasas and folding houses are always among the most read in Decoesfera, and that is why, now that the end of the year comes, we have decided to make a Small selection with some of the houses and minicasas that we have seen throughout 2017 on our website

Some are imaginative and full of design. Others are creations that show that the human being has a little left the clamp. Some have been designed to solve the lack of space and high housing prices in many major capitals of the world. Others, to enjoy nature without barely taking up space. Do we start this tourne for the best mini-houses and folding houses of 2017?

Minicasas to enjoy nature

To make a nature getaway, reconnect with it, and try to cause minimal ecological impact, we find the minicasas that Escape Villages has located in the natural park of Canoe Bay (Wisconsin). Houses that can be installed in areas where traditional buildings cannot be built and have large windows to enjoy the views from the inside.

Minicasas in a tree

Designed by the NC Design and Architecture studio, this house, located on top of a tree, has a modern and functional design that takes advantage of the three meter ceiling height, since the designers adapted a second floor in the form of a mezzanine to have a space as a living room, and another for bedroom.

A cardboard house for a lifetime

"Wikkelhouse" is a house made of corrugated cardboard that has been glued with an ecological adhesive and through a quality construction process. And the best thing is that in addition to mounting in a day, it resists a lifetime.

A mobile home of 28 square meters

Escher Tiny House is the name of this mobile home that is one of the latest projects of the New Frontier Tiny Houses mini-house company. a minicasa works, and with an extremely attractive design.

An owl-shaped house

For those looking to have the experience of camping in the middle of nature in an elevated wooden structure, the artist collective Bruit de Frigo has built a shelter in the form of three owls near the French city of Bordeaux.

KODA, a prefabricated house that is installed in seven hours

KODA is a creation of the firm Kodasema and in a kind of cube it has everything that normally makes up a home. It is mounted in seven hours, and has 25 square meters, with the bed located in a small attic.

A 30 meter studio in New York

It is mini mini, has only 30 square meters. But it must be recognized that this small studio has a special charm, in part, thanks to its great luminosity. And besides, you have to keep in mind that it is in the heart of New York, and that makes it much more palatable.

ÖÖD, a prefabricated house with mirrors outside

ÖÖD is a small prefabricated house designed by Brick & Wonder that has two aspects that characterize it: the installation in just eight hours and the mirror walls that integrate it into its natural environment in a spectacular way.

A house in Japan that surprises

The truth is that this house seems smaller outside than inside. But everything is due to the great distribution and the chosen furniture. The Japanese architects office Mizuishi has been in charge of carrying out the project, in which the bedroom is on the ground floor, and the living area is on the first floor.

A folding house without environmental impact

In this world of technical advances, it is possible to find in the market houses of 27 square meters evolutionary and that is mounted in just six hours. Made in Italy, M.A. Di is a house in the form of a villa that comes prefabricated and is mounted by means of a system of folding panels.

Video: China Expandable container house ---10 minutes one house! (January 2020).

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